CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme combining elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance sport.

Three characteristics differentiate CrossFit from other exercise programmes.


Our programme changes all the time. We vary sets, reps, load, speed – everything. Each workout is different and will challenge you in a new way. This approach keeps you and your body guessing and certainly keeps things interesting.


You will find deadlifts, squats and presses; pullups, pushups and burpees; and running and rowing! Our moves are unique in their ability to challenge the body and work more than one muscle group at a time. They are unique in their ability to produce results and that’s why we use them.


Intensity is the variable that is almost always associated with results. It doesn’t matter what you want: bigger muscles, less body fat, more performance, etc. All of our workouts will challenge you like none other. However, intensity is an individual thing, this is why all of our workouts are scalable and tailored to the individual.

A typical class at CrossFit Te Rapa classes include warm-up, skill training and practice, and then the WOD (workout of the day). This is where training enters the realm of sport and the competition begins. Classes are intense, challenging and fun.

Is CrossFit for me?

CrossFit is for anyone and everyone. It is common to have people of all abilities, office workers, mums and senior citizens, all working out side by side. The basic workout is the same for everyone; it’s the intensity  we change to meet individual needs. We adjust weight up or down and scale the movements to suit you. The end result is that everyone gets a great workout appropriate for their abilities.

What to expect

You will see a group ranging from 4 to 18 people of all ages attending the one class. There will be a coach running every class to guide you through what to do and teach you how to do the movements. You will find that the people will work out hard and with intensity, but are completely nice and very supportive of one another. The workout is different every day, so you will never be bored.

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