We offer this class specifically for post natal women. This class is designed for Mums to bring their baby or toddler along to a family friendly environment.  There is a dedicated supervised play area close to the workout space. We have fully qualified, experienced female coaches who will make sure you feel  comfortable and happy throughout every Mums & Bubs class.

This class runs for 1 hour 


We encourage a functional way of training. This means it takes the movements the body needs in everyday life and strengthens them. Functional movements are movements such as pull, push, run and, lift . All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of a trained Coach. 


  • Enjoy the easy of training in an all female environment where you can bring your baby or toddler with you!
  • Kids are welcome but not necessary to join this class and there is a dedicated play area for the little ones to hang out and make as much noise as they please. 
  • The basic workout is the same for everyone; but the intensity is changed to meet individual needs. We adjust up or down and scale movements to train around injuries or weaknesses. The end result is that everyone gets a great workout scaled appropriately to their abilities.


Every Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10am

Drop in rate applies (no contract)