Meet Mathew

NICK-NAME Mat (so original)

POSITION  CrossFit Coach

QUALIFICATION National Certificate in Fitness and Certificate in Personal Training

BORN AND RAISED Moved to the mighty Waikato when I was 13

I CROSSFIT BECAUSE Enjoy the challenge of the workouts and the community. 

FAVOURITE WOD AND MOVEMENT WOD - Karen, movement ā€“ Wall Balls.

LEAST FAVOURITE WOD AND EXERCISE WOD - Fran, exercise - Thrusters.


WHEN Iā€™M NOT CROSSFITTING I'M Chilling with my family and friends.

CROSSFIT HERO Jason Khalipa.

FAVOURITE QUOTE "Train hard or go home!"

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE THINKING ABOUT TRYING/STARTING CROSSFIT Come in and give it a go. Don't be scared, we have all types of people here. Everyone is friendly and you will enjoy yourself. 

FUNNIEST MOMENT AT CFTR:When Mat first came to CrossFit Te Rapa he purchased a pair of CrossFit shorts, and thought he was really "cool." After making his way to class one day he started smashing the WOD in these shorts like a champ!! But....NEK MINUTE, he was box jumping too fast and missed the box, causing the shorts to split right down the middle. He had no spare shorts and didn't want to look like a quitter so carried on with a big smile on his face. Everyone had a little chuckle, but reassured him it happens all the time. Now he always says, "always have a spare pair of shorts in your bag team."